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Nordic Hamster show & Finnish Hamster Association's hamstershow 24-25 September 2022

Glöm inte att anmäla er till Nordiska Mästerskapen 2022! Mer info nedan:

Nordic hamster show and Finnish Hamster Association's hamster show 24th - 25th of September 2022

When: Nordic 24 Sept 2022 10.00 am to aprox 17 and SHY's show: 25 Sept 2022 10.00 am to aprox 17

Where: Salon Työväentalo, Vilhonkatu 9, 24100 Salo Finland

Organizer: Suomen Hamsteriyhdistys ry with Svenska Hamstersälsskapet and Dansk Hamster Forening



Short hair and guide standard syrians: Päivi Lindberg (FIN)

Long hair and non standard syrians: Sebastian Mårtensson (SWE)

Campbell and winter white: Kira Karppinen (FIN)

Roborovski and chinese dwarfs: Ann-Charlotte Ling Forsgard (SWE)

Pet syrians, males: Tina Rosendahl (SWE)

Pet syrians, females: Patricia Söderqvist (SWE)

Pet dwarfs and childrens pets: Satu Karjalainen (FIN)


Short hair and guide standard syrians: Sebastian Mårtensson (SWE)

Long hair and non standard syrians: Kirsi Leppälammi (FIN)

Campbell and winter white: Patricia Söderqvist (SWE)

Roborovski and chinese dwarfs: Satu Karjalainen (FIN)

Pet syrians, males: Päivi Lindberg (FIN)

Pet syrians, females and childern’s pet: Tina Rosendahl (SWE)

Pet dwarfs: Ann-Charlotte Ling Forsgard (SWE)

Entries before 14 Sept 2022 using the following forms:



Entry fees for SHY members and for Swedish & Danish participants:

Standard and guide standard 7 € for 1st and 2nd hamsters each, following hamsters 4 € for each hamster

Non-standard 5 € for each hamster

Pet hamster 6 € for the 1st and the 2nd hamster each, following hamsters 4 € for each hamster

Children's pet hamster for all species 5 € for each hamster (owner must be under 13 years old)

Kindly issue the payment with following bank information or at the show place:

Owner of the account: Suomen Hamsteriyhdistys ry.

IBAN number: FI09 1469 3000 0264 15

Ref. number : 4 14036

Notice that the hamsters taking part to the show need to be registered (in your own country) for all other than pet classes.

There will be opportunity to sign up for hamsters to the show at the show place before judging starts if there is still space in the classes then. Finnish Hamster Association will give information about it after 14 Sept 2022. Information will be given by e-mail and at the Facebook event. All prices will be 12 € / hamster when signing up for the show at the show place.

There will be small cafeteria at the show place. You can buy coffee, tea and sodas or some snack with cash (euro) or with VISA or MasterCard cards.

All participants will receive confirmation and further information about the show by email before the show date. Kindly read it carefully.

More info coming soon!

More information about shows:

FB event: Nordic hamster show 2022

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